About Us?

We are a company designed to provide a place for the stay of your pet with all the comforts and essential environments to meet the needs of the pampered of the house.

So while you are traveling whether for business or pleasure, you can rest assured that your pet will be receiving the best care in a quiet place and in contact with nature enjoying its benefits.

Owner Responsabilities

  • The dog must come with visible identification with a metal plate in his / her necklace.
  • You must bring the food for your pet, breastplate, leash, favorite toy and bed (in case he/she uses it).
  • You must bring any drug or supplement that your dog needs to receive at the time of his/her stay at the hotel.
  • Report at the time of booking if the dog's behavior is often aggressive or might get aggressive with specific situations.
  • In the case of females please report if she is in her estrous cycle, may be pregnant and if you suspect of pregnancy please report the number of days.
  • Report any other situation that may be of interest to us at the time of providing the service.

Why prefer the VIPET Hotel?

In addition to hosting your pet, we offer various additional services that will ensure a pleasant stay for your dog; the purpose of these services is to make your pet feel at home . We have a committed staff with extensive experience in the care of pets and have a wide variety of services that will facilitate, among other things, the transportation of your dog from your home to our facilities and vice versa.


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Hosting at the Hotel

We have shuttle service to facilitate the transportation of your pet to our facility and save you time.






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